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Ev​eryone deserves a brighter future...

Heart 2 Heart is very excited to announce our new facility located at 1415 W Central Blvd, Downtown Orlando, Fl. We love to serve the under resourced children and families by providing a multipurpose Community Outreach Center. The Center consists of the following services:

Hunger Relief Program: This Service is to strengthen the communities nutritions safety net by providing food and nutrition assistance to low income children and families. We currently serve on a weekly basis feeding 250-300 families.

ACCESS Florida Program: We currently provide The ACCESS Florida Program to help promote strong and economically self sufficient communities by providing food, cash and medicaid assistance to individuals and families on the road to economic recovery. We strongly believe The ACCESS Florida Program is a stepping stone to help low income and unemployed families for temporary assistance. Our computer lab is open from Monday through Friday to the public for food stamp application.

Clothing Bank: Heart 2 Heart receives clothes by donation from individuals, churches and other charity organizations. We currently provide a clothing distribution once a month to the community.


Construction / Engineering Program: This refresher training program is for anyone involved in the construction field; we provide training such as safety and health for individuals and basic education on structeral engineering.

Adult Literacy Program: Heart 2 Heart builds the capacity and quality of programs that everyday teach adults to read, write, compute, use technology, and learn English as a new language.

Employment Workshop: Our emplyoment workshop will help and train individuals for job readiness the type of help and training services we provide are job search, communication skills, resume building, dress code and job interview.

Soccer Program for Children:

Heart 2 Heart Community Outreach is kicking off its youth soccer program at Lake Lorna Doone field on W. Central Ave. in Orlando. We are located in the Parramore/Lake Lorna Doone area of Orlando near the Citrus Bowl. Lake Lorna Doone Field is a major plus for our program since it will give us immediate access to the youth in the low income area of the city our programs currently serve.

Our recruitment goal for our youth soccer program is 75 to 300 kids (ages 5 to 15 years). This is a "no cost" program and we are targeting low income and or at risk kids in our community. Soccer is a world sport that is now taking hold in Orlando and America as it never has before. H2H youth Soccer will be ongoing and will operate a minimum four hours per week. We have great ambitions for our program. Our program will provide first class soccer training and we are seeking to develop youth who will be able to compete at the club, high school, college and hopefully professional levels in this sport. We also seek to develop young men and women who will be exemplary citizens and future leaders in the Orlando community. 

Why us?

Our Organization has been recognized for being most consistent in serving Central Florida.  As crime rates has been reduced due to our Hunger Relief Program and enforced healthy diet 

nut​rition, by providing high quality foods. We are"Creating opportunities and empowering change"

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